Posting as a mum not an organiser – a reminder of why we are doing this!

Posting as a mum not an organiser… as a reminder of why we are doing this!

I’ve been very careful not to talk to my children about this campaign as I don’t want any added pressure on their young shoulders. I completely downplay the tests to my own son and let him forget about it while he’s at home. Today though I explained that lots of parents and teachers are talking about the SATs exams in the news and asked him what he thought. Here are his words, spoken with tears in his eyes.

“It’s really hard and it’s really tricky. In one lesson in phonics we had to underline all the nouns, all the verbs, all the adverbs, all the prepositions. I don’t know what that is mum. We only get free time if we’ve done everything and just on a Wednesday. On my table there’s like REALLY hard tests with pages and pages to read and the practice questions are just tricky. It’s boring. Some children if they don’t finish everything have to miss play. It’s horrible I hate it.”


Thank you for helping us to let our schools teach our children without the constraints of these ridiculous tests.


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