Head teacher petitions MP Nicky Morgan to sit Sats tests

The head of a Leicestershire Primary launched a petition demanding that education secretary Nicky Morgan sits Sats tests intended for youngsters. Read the full original story here

Wonder how she got on? Or if she even bothered to listen?

The NUT have asked Nicky Morgan to cancel these tests for 2016. She’s not listening. Parents don’t have a Union but they do have Parent Power on 3rd May.

Support Schools and Teachers on May 3rd here


3 thoughts on “Head teacher petitions MP Nicky Morgan to sit Sats tests

  1. As a teacher myself, I can assure you that my 6 year old will be ‘absent’ on ALL of the days that these exams will be written. Let’s give our children a chance and some ‘hope’ in life before we brand them as winners and losers! Let them enjoy education and school – not taught to ‘answer’ an exam paper. Give them freedom to love books , enjoy friendship groups, explore and educate through the outdoors, gain confidence in who they are…… and just as important – let’s trust our teachers to do the right thing by our children with out them having to prove themselves with statistics which shape OUR children at the age of 6.


    • Well done ….!! You are a fab parent.my daughters year 6 class pupils have been getting extra lessons to boost their scores. When I refused to add an extra hour on each end of my daughters Thursday school day for the next 6 weeks I was meet with disapproval from her teacher.


  2. My son is a teacher in USA where testing has reached ridiculous levels. Intelligent middle class parents are ‘absenting’ their children on test days because they are smart enough to know how all this testing is damaging their children’s education. American education system is quite frightening – children taught to absorb facts but not how to think for themselves. Please don’t let that happen here. I have grandchildren both sides of the Atlantic and I want them to grow up with the standard of education my children and I enjoyed.


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