Worried about how you’ll explain your child’s absence to your school on May 3rd?

If you are worried about how you’ll explain your child’s absence to your school please read this…




3 thoughts on “Worried about how you’ll explain your child’s absence to your school on May 3rd?

  1. As a parent of a yr 6 pupil I am absolutely disgusted that all the years of building up our children’s self-confidence seems to have been for nothing.I agree that children should work hard at learning but to cram 4 years of it into 2 is unrealistic and is going to harm everything I and the school have worked so hard for.Are the results going to follow our children into high school and bbeyond.Is it fair to use them as guinea pigs on on I’ll thought out whim?I will be keeping my child out of school on May 3rd to show support.


    • I am a parent of a year 6 child and a teacher of year 6 children and I am delighted with this action. I had hoped that the unions would call for a boycott to protect our children from this ridiculous and damaging curriculum. Sadly, they chose not to. Our year 6 children are being expected to answer questions on graduate level grammar. The terms “composition and effect” have been taken out of the assessment guidelines. This means that good, purposeful writing is being eroded. We all value good grammar, spelling and handwriting but these tests are not the way to achieve this. My daughter used to love learning and school, now she cries regularly because (despite her teacher’s best efforts) she feels stupid. That is not right. I could weep when I hear children in my own class say that they are rubbish because they confuse the terminology of preposition or subordinating conjunctions.
      As a parent and a teacher I would like to say, “Thank-you.”


  2. I did not know this movement existed until today! Thank you so much. I am grand-mother to a year 2 child. She is also the youngest in her class, with some degree of learning difficulty [suspected APD – Auditory Processing Disorder]. There is no way on God’s green earth that she will be able to sit these tests, and I despair at how it will batter her already low confidence. It was not that long ago, that she said to me, “Nanna, I’m not special like the other Kids.” Her idea of ‘special’, is a child who gets awards, and house points for good work. I sobbed when I was alone.
    Her mother [my daughter], was so stressed when she sat her year 6 SATS, that she broke out in shingles, and became quite poorly. Life is stressful enough when we are adults – Let the children be children.


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