Teachers prepare for battle as Tories face deep crisis

Teachers are planning strikes in the Summer Term via their Unions against Tory plans to privatise education through enforced academies according to this article.

We know lots of you are also furious about academies and are using May 3rd as a way to make your voice heard since parents don’t have a union of their own. Here’s to Parent Power!

Support Schools and Teachers on May 3rd here


One thought on “Teachers prepare for battle as Tories face deep crisis

  1. Does anyone remember the time, not so long ago when politicians first beefed up sats for the under 11s, and we were told … “Not to worry, these tests will be held discretely, parents won’t know which week, more importantly, children won’t realise they are being tested, and anyway, it’s only to test how the education system is performing, and not to draw attention to individual results” ?

    Oh, how far we’ve been pulled from this. Oh, how they have lied to us. If lies have got us this far away from the original “professed” intention, where are they going to drag our children next ?


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