Back to the school yard…

So, soon we all head back to the school yard and our real work begins… we MUST keep this fantastic momentum going!

Our messages have been seen by over 370,000 people on our Facebook page, tens of thousands of people have joined our petition, we have had massive support via our Twitter account as well as our web site and across all of these had positive comments from hundreds of parents, teachers and Headteachers.

The National Union of Teachers have asked Nicky Morgan to cancel the SATs tests. So far she’s not listening. Parents don’t have a union to voice their concerns so are using 3rd May as a day to make a stand alongside teachers.

We are hoping that the other unions, including the National Association of Head Teachers, will follow the NUT’s lead and declare their support for a cancellation of SATs in the coming weeks and that Nicky Morgan will do the right, democratic thing showing that the The Tories do listen to ordinary people occasionally.

We chose 3rd May as a non testing day as we hope this campaign will put to pressure onto Nicky Morgan to cancel these tests before they even begin.

We began this campaign against Year 2 SATs but since then many parents against Year 6 SATs and angry about enforced academies have come on board to use 3rd May as a protest too.  Whatever your reason for keeping your child off school on 3rd May be sure that we are in SUPPORT of teachers all over the country.

This is a campaign to Let Our Kids Be Kids so on 3rd May lots of people are organising group meet ups and activities to engage their children in something educational and fun. This is how teachers want to teach – in a fun and engaging way… not simply to pass tests!

We’re aware that there’s concern about unauthorized absences.  As far as we are aware you have the right to keep your child off school in EXCEPTIONAL circumstances.  The level of concern about the pressure placed upon our children is EXCEPTIONAL, that parents feel the need to display this concern to the government is EXCEPTIONAL, these are EXCEPTIONAL times in deciding the future of our children’s education.  A letter explaining this to your head is available on our website.

The next few weeks will make all the difference to this campaign and we can’t do it without all of your help. We are doing what we can to get mainstream media coverage for the 3rd May Kids Strike but in the meantime we have the power to spread the message ourselves in the school yard.

Please do what you can to encourage other parents to understand this campaign – we’ve also drafted the following letter to explain things if that might help… please print and reproduce as you see fit:

PDF FILE: Dear parent.pdf

We know that many of your will be concerned that your lovely class teacher understands your reasons too. They will be aware of this campaign.  We have been contacted by hundreds of teachers to thank us for having the courage to support them.  The following is a letter to give to your teacher should you wish to use it

PDF FILE: Dear class teacher.pdf

We have strength in numbers and there’s tens of thousands of people supporting us so be confident that we CAN act on this and we CAN make a stand!

Our kids need us to take this chance to change the way they are taught in primary schools for generations to come.

Thank you for helping us to make this change happen.

Let Our Kids Be Kids


One thought on “Back to the school yard…

  1. I think these tests are pointless for kids this age, to much stress is put on them and you wonder why kids nowadays are committing suicide from the shear pressure of having to try and pass these tests, it’s beyond a joke. I am a single parent and I never did well at school never did well in tests but I still got to go to college and university and still passed with a BA Hons Degree. Year 2 tests mean absolutely nothing for when you become an adult! Stop putting pressure on these poor kids and make school fun with learning instead of making them scared of going to school just in case they disappoint a teacher or parents by not passing a test! It’s ridiculous . Kids that age shouldn’t have this sort of pressure put on them! The person who put these SATs tests for year 2 is a selfish human being with no heart.


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