30,000 signatures by Monday?

Dear Friends,

Thank you for reading this blog post and hopefully signing our 38 Degrees petition here!? We really appreciate all the support and together we are really raising the profile of this issue.

We are posting this to let you know that we have changed the title slightly so that those other than parents are able to join the campaign; we have had many, many grandparents, friends, teachers and headteachers also wanting to support us.

Please can you help spread the word further by forwarding the link below to your friends?

If we can all encourage just one more person to sign, we could reach 30,000 by Monday!


Please also share our website https://letthekidsbekids.wordpress.com and join us on Twitter and Facebook.


LetTheKids BeKids


3 thoughts on “30,000 signatures by Monday?

  1. How can stress help children to enjoy their childhood which should be carefree as far as possible? Horrendous and draconian. Nicky Morgan is clueless, as was Michael Gove.


    • I am a mother, grand mother, & great grandmother,who is greatly concerned by the rubbish our children are seeing on TV etc.Morals have gone completely out of the windows, & we are teaching our children that this is the way to live.Please let the kids be kids.They will be grown up soon enough.I really worry about my children & all children,wondering what kind of a world is it going to be for them in the future?At least let us try to do something about it now..before its too late..


  2. As a teacher I am saddened that instead of art, outdoor learning, D&T and PE we are being forced to teach more and more unnecessary academic gumpf, such as fronted adverbials – a concept which is factually incorrect and not even recognised by linguistic and literacy experts.


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