Thank you for a fantastic week

Dear Friends,

We have had a fantastic week so far!

This is a campaign for ALL who are in agreement that Children’s Rights need to be protected; that includes the right to a balanced and enriching education – not one which gives a sense of early failure; is over prescriptive and drives the curiosity out of young people.

This coming week we need to ensure that ALL primary parents are aware of our campaign and not just those on Facebook or twitter.

If you are able to make your local press aware of our campaign and what we are working towards that would be great. We include a contact for local ITV NEWS stations at the end of this article.

As supporters of the campaign people need to hear about your reasons for joining in!
If you speak to media please represent our shared values…

  • Let Our Kids Be Kids values our schools and teachers – it is the Government policy we are against.
  • Let Our Kids Be Kids deplores the high stakes testing which gives schools no choice other than to teach more to the test than ever before.
  • Let Our Kids Be Kids wants a return to a curriculum full of joy and wonder… not overwhelmingly focussed on grammar and spelling which makes the content of lessons dry and limits curiosity.
  • Let Our Kids Be Kids wants our children to be children again – playing, being outdoors, painting, singing, dancing, learning through fun.

We need you to help us speak out about your concerns. Please contact us if you would like any further guidance or advice. Please refrain from naming schools or individuals and LET’S GET OUR MESSAGE ACROSS to an even wider audience.

Many thanks for all your support so far, it’s been a busy time but we’re feeling very positive!

Let Our Kids Be Kids






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