Jumping the Hurdles

Brilliant article, especially this quote: “The DfE can set up whatever hurdles it wants, but I don’t have to let my children crash into them.” Thanks for your support

Freeing the Angel

When your babies are small, the thing you really can’t wait for them to do is to walk, because that means you don’t have to carry them anymore. The tiny baby bit is lovely, if you like that kind of thing, but they very quickly get heavy. You need them to learn to move by themselves, because otherwise you can’t even make a cup of tea. Crawling is efficient, but it is also mucky, and it’s not a great all surface option. So walking it is. But you can’t just hoist your kids up onto their feet and say “walk” – their legs have to be ready to cope with it, and they have to have the confidence and the will to do it. They have to jump that hurdle when they’re ready, otherwise they’re just going to fall over. And you also clear some space in the room, so…

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