British Values, democracy and human rights

At the very heart of this protest is OUR children… it is their education, their happiness and their future we are fighting for. People may ask you whether it is right to involve children in a protest and we say yes!

Children’s voices are often ignored, children feel their opinions don’t always matter, children feel powerless when raising concerns within an adult world. Children are telling us, their parents, repeatedly and at a national level that things are not right.

We aren’t advocating a ‘lord of the flies’ type situation with children rebelling left right, and centre… but a controlled, parent led show of our democratic right to protest when things just aren’t right.

Part of the National Curriculum for primary aged pupils is to learn about British Values, democracy and human rights. Part of developing as a child is understanding that it isn’t always the right thing to simply do as you are told. As parents we guide them through this developmental stage and, for us, taking action to help solve a problem is a great thing to have our children be a part of.
We can explain to our children at a very basic level that schools need help to explain to the government that these tests are too hard. We can also explain that schools want us to have some fun after working so hard for these tests.

Bad things happen when good people do nothing… our children are a part of something good on May 3rd.


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