Let Our Kids Be Kids: Why Parent Power Should Never Be Underestimated

Great blog post – especially love your closing comment “Parents will put up with much for the sake of their children, as repeat viewings of PAW Patrol will testify, but if their wellbeing and happiness is threatened, enough is enough.”

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fist-bump-1195446_1280There are many things about parenting that you’re not warned about beforehand. The fact that you will never be able to discuss the latest season of Game of Thrones but can bring anyone up to speed on the goings-on down at PAW Patrol may seem like a minor complaint, but it’s all about perspective. Seen as part of the bigger picture of sleepless nights, a tsunami of plastic toys in what was once laughingly known as your living room, and eating habits so fussy they would shame a Sunday supplement restaurant critic, parenting can be a little…stressful at times.

But there’s another side to parenting that you’re not warned about; just how instinctively and forcefully the urge to protect our kids emerges, and woe betide anyone who tries to mess with them or us, as the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is finding out.

Hot on the heels of teachers who…

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