“Losing belief in one’s abilities to succeed.”

We were sorry to hear of another child and her friends being so badly affected by SATs. We are trying to make a difference via our campaign but please read below for more or click here to go direct to the original post.

Bionic Ear

As a parent it’s been very disheartening to watch my eldest child, along with her friends become more and more stressed, tearful, anxious and self doubting their worth. They look pale, with dark circles under their eyes and prone to crying lots.

What is the cause of this? In one word – SATS. Like thousands of other children up and down this country, they are all being forced by Educational policy to undertake intense tests to determine if the teaching is up to scratch. People may say,”Oh don’t worry about it. It’s not you they are assessing, it’s your teachers.” but those words are meanless. Why? Because our children are being told they have to pass or they fail. If they don’t pass then they will be forced to retake the tests again in the future.

In the run up to SATS the children aren’t learning, they are cramming. They…

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