Important information for Tuesday 3rd May


To all our amazing supporters! We are almost there!

The impact of Parent Power on May 3rd has already been felt so be sure that you are part of something that has already made a difference!

Here’s some ways YOU have already had an impact on the future of OUR children’s education…

• In the lead up to May 3rd, as numbers of supporters for a Kids’ Strike increased exponentially, we were delighted with the administrative error leading to the cancellation of the whole SPaG tests for KS1… but we wanted more!

• Our gathering momentum grabbed the attention of high profile campaigners such as the Parents Defending Education group, supported by Michael Rosen, and we were able to deliver a statement at their launch event.

• As press coverage began we were recognised as a force by teaching unions – who were encouraged to see parental support for teachers and curriculum change

• Conversations with head teachers supportive of our action have shown that this massive surge in parent power was influential at the NAHT conference which resulted in bold statements from heads damning the ‘chaotic’ nature of primary assessment, calls for a review of primary assessment across the board and calls for there to be no future testing in Year 2. We need to show the DfE that we agree.

• The NAHT also passed a motion to call for a moratorium on the publication of primary tests results for 2016. This needs to be agreed by NAHT executive so watch this space for what this means for your child in 2016. In simplified terms, if there’s no external monitoring of the test results this year then surely the pressure is off the schools, off the teachers and ergo off the children too. Again… this is yet to be agreed but it just shows how strongly the NAHT feel about our concerns as parents.

• We have been featured in every major national & regional newspaper, were headline news on the BBC as well as mentioned on other TV channels and discussed on Radio 4… we’ve even been in the news in Germany! YOU have been amazing!

YOUR planned action on 3rd May means Nicky Morgan has already had to acknowledge us and we know she is watching to see what happens on Tuesday very carefully…

Will we take Nicky Morgan’s advice and reconsider our actions because we might harm our children by keeping them with us for a day?! Absolutely NOT! We are even more determined to show her how strongly we feel.

On May 3rd there are some big events taking place which are sure to capture more media attention and place yet more pressure on the DfE. Thank you for your efforts in organising these events across the country. We also salute those of you who are doing this as lone strikers – you have to be the bravest of all of us to stand alone in a sea of apathy!

May 3rd is about our children

The focus of the day is their enjoyment and learning – try and forget any press are there and carry on as you would!

Please add #KidsStrike3rdMay to any selfies and photos you post anywhere online (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine or Flickr) to give us all the maximum possible impact on social media so we can show how much we SUPPORT our teachers and schools TO STOP THIS TESTING REGIME!

At 12 noon on the 3rd May we will release a statement via our web site / email / Facebook / Twitter to you and your children to explain the importance of the day. It would be lovely if everyone could feel united in reading that to their children… we are all standing together on 3rd May and this will be a moment of shared solidarity.

We were going to measure the numbers taking part by the map… but this has got too big for that now! In the spirit of u turns and back downs and realising when something isn’t going to work (are you listening Nicky Morgan?!) we have changed our plan. The map is great for seeing where to meet up but…



We are delighted to be part of such a fantastic team of inspirational parents across the country all battling for a common cause – the well-being and happiness of our children. This has never been done before. Together, we are all part of something amazing on Tuesday!

Let Our Kids Be Kids


8 thoughts on “Important information for Tuesday 3rd May

  1. I am keeping my son off school but I have a question: how does the government know that we are off for protest and not just absent? Thank you


  2. I am keeping my 1 children off tomorrow (Y2 and Y4). We are going to the local park to meet up with other friends. We fully support you and have signed the pledge xx


  3. I am a Y2 teacher and a member of my school’s senior management team. The government are not listening to teachers, educationalists or child mental health services so I can only hope they listen to you, our parents. Thank you for all your support. This is not about disliking tests or exams this is about so much more, letting our children have a childhood. Thank you.


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