Tuesday 3rd May Statement

**** Tuesday 3rd May Statement****

Today we stand in solidarity for the well being and happiness of our children. It would be lovely if at 12.30 we could all read this to our children together on this very special day.

This is a message to all our wonderful supporters and especially their wonderful children!

Happy May 3rd to you all!

Let Our Kids Be Kids wanted to thank you all for your support today – it’s a really special day for parents and children and schools and teachers everywhere – you are a part of history today and should feel very proud!

Today there are THOUSANDS of parents and children just like you who are all off school doing fun learning… and not just where you live! There’s people in Newcastle, people in Norwich, people in London, people in Liverpool… Plymouth… Poole, Manchester…, Morecombe… just about everywhere in England where SAT tests take place. How exciting is that?!

At every step of this campaign we have made sure people know that your school and your teachers are doing an excellent job… we are NOT unhappy with them. We are unhappy with the people in government who tell your teachers what to do. Even though your teachers told them they thought the SAT tests were too tricky and confusing this year the people in government didn’t listen! Perhaps they didn’t open the letters or read their emails?!

Your teachers and head teachers are paid by the government and so can’t make too much fuss – it’s not a good idea to shout at your boss!

But your mums and dads don’t get paid to be your parents – they do their job as parents only because they love you and want you to be happy, they want you to love going to school and to be excited by learning new things. We think tests are good sometimes but that this year the tests are not quite right. We wrote letters too and made petitions but they didn’t read our letters either… there are millions of people in our country so maybe they didn’t get to ours. We know that the government always read the papers and so thought doing something a bit crazy like all having a day off school all at once would be in the papers and on the telly!

Now the people in the government who make the rules will know that there is a problem and will try to do something about it.

Thank you for helping us today.

Mums and Dads (and grannies, grandads, friends etc!) please know that each and every one of you has made a difference today.

We know that we are helping teaching unions to build up a picture of incompetence in this Department of Education and we know that the campaign has been influential for headteachers who have called for not publishing the results of this year’s SAT tests and for a complete review of primary assessment… including no more tests in year 2. This is AMAZING and we were a part of it! Hooray for us!

Please know that WE MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!! Please tell those people who said we couldn’t change things that they were wrong. There is power in people standing together as one and fighting against things when they are wrong. We did it!

Nicky Morgan is watching today (it’s in the papers and on the telly after all!) and we truly hope she does the right thing and calls these tests off for 2016… for our children… now.
We stand together on May 3rd to ask Nicky Morgan if she is listening now!?

Maybe if we all shout it together she’ll hear us… there are thousands of us after all… can you shout as loud as you can?! After 3 we want you to shout ARE YOU LISTENING NOW! 1… 2… 3…


Enjoy the rest of your day and when you go back to your school tomorrow say a big thank you to your teacher… they work so very hard to make school as fun as possible for you and do an amazing job!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday 3rd May Statement

  1. Thank you for standing up to the DFE. Thank you for standing beside teachers and telling the government that enough is enough. Children deserve an education which is diverse, exciting and recognises that ‘every child matters’ ! Thank you.


  2. Thank you all at Let our Kids be Kids, your hard work and endless posting on social media has enabled us a parents to finally have a voice, to stand up and say ‘enough is enough’ . Small steps can lead to big changes and whose knows just how much difference we can make. In our area we stood low in numbers today but felt United #parentpowerrocks


  3. Thank you for this amazing campaign. Where is the measure of our children’s happiness, where is the measure of their self worth, where is the measure of their love of learning, where is the measure of the high goals they set themselves? These are the things that matter to parents and these are the things that will help all children make progress. When I think about the tests my children will have to take throughout their school careers I feel terribly anxious for them. But it has been so heartening to hear that we all feel the same way and that we are making our voices heard. Schools, head teachers and class teachers need parents to make a stand. It is the only way to bring about change. Thank you again.


  4. At last parents who care, parents who are taking control. I have felt like a very lonely voice for a long time. My son is now 16 and the same unrealistic unreasonable pressure is still being applied at AS level. Our children are supposed to be cherished and allowed to learn and grow, but D of E thinks that the grades are all that matter.


  5. Thank you all for this campaign two weeks ago we had tears of stress saying she wasn’t good enough to sit the Sats because a Mathis teacher had said so, and today my daughter was laughing whilst getting exercise running on the beach, eating fresh seafood, smelling the sea air and feeling 100% less stressed about gloomy testing on May 9th!
    Without this support I wouldn’t have gone ahead as we don’t want our children’s education to suffer but no one can learn under stress!
    Great planning and organizing hats off to you all!


  6. Well done LOKBK – it has had a huge impact today. The government don’t know how to respond. They have no credible answers. They have tried desperately to claim some progressive purpose behind testing – it helps identify children who need help. This is a lie. Teachers already know who needs help. But I have a question: what next? We can’t let the momentum falter now. My view is we need to move forward to ensure there is a full boycott next year by parents, teachers and heads. Would love to hear what you think.


  7. Thank you for this. For standing up for what’s truly important. I think I stood alone yesterday at my boys school as the only parent who kept off their children. However your page and support made me feel United and I had the chance to stand upto what I truly believe in. My kids happiness. My son has genuinely been in tears every night with his revision/homework for these Sats. I am fighting for his happiness and all our children. Let’s do this together! Thank you x


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