5 Reasons that High Stakes Primary testing needs to stop.

Five Reasons that High Stakes Primary Testing needs to stop (1)


One thought on “5 Reasons that High Stakes Primary testing needs to stop.

  1. It is not only the tests but the inappropriate ‘content’ of the English curriculum at KS1 and KS2. It is clearly ridiculous to be asked to teach terminology that very well-educated adults – including government ministers – do not understand and which established authors consider inappropriate. There is a fundamental question to be asked about all ‘curriculum content’ – that is, “…is it worthwhile?” . Please look at the KS1 curriculum with that question in mind. Is it worthwhile content for children under 7 years of age? Children in KS1 and KS2, that is in primary education, need to be inducted into a love of learning so that they become enthusiastic life- long learners. Their talents, across a wide field, need to be recognised and nurtured. All children progress at different rates. The curriculum needs to be broad and balanced. These are not new ideas but the increasingly centralised state system has got it wrong for the last 20 years. It will take a lot of effort from parents, grandparents and educators to retrieve this appalling approach from the present government. Personally, I despair that young children might not enjoy their early years in formal education so undoing the careful preparatory work of their parents and grandparents. Something must be done. Money has been wasted on a vast scale over the past two decades with governmental education projects. Instead, the money should have been spent supporting those children living in poor conditions.


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