Response to DfE ‘u-turn’

Image via @Who_d_teach

Image via @Who_d_teach

Warning – long and ranty post… important though so please read!

So, we’ve all had a chance to process the DfE ‘u-turn’ info from Wednesday (see here)… it certainly gave us food for thought!

It is good news that our Year 7s will not suffer resits – thank goodness they’ve backed down on that one!

It is good news that Ms Greening acknowledges that the pace and level of disruption caused in our primary schools is untenable and hence proposes no new assessment initiatives until 2018 after a full review of assessment systems.

That’s where the good news stops.

The SATs go ahead for TWO more cohorts of Year 2s and Year 6s. This, despite Primary Assessment being the subject of a Parliamentary inquiry (see here) AND an in depth consultation from the DfE.

Here’s a couple of analogies to mull over…

Consider that you’ve been ordered to give your child medication. You do not consider your child ill. The vast majority of medical experts say there’s no need for your child to take the medicine. You discover that the medicine is not working and, more worryingly, has side affects which may affect long term mental health. Do you a) continue taking the medication for TWO years while a review is undertaken or b) cease taking the medication while the review takes place!?

Consider that you’ve recently been in a ‘car crash’ (remember that term used by teaching unions to describe last year’s SATs?). There’s clearly something wrong with your car, yet the garage just change the wheels and polish over the scratches… underneath the bonnet the engine is still the same; you have a broken machine, declared not safe to drive by expert mechanics. Do you a) head off down the motorway and resume the road trip or b) stay off the roads until you know it’s safe for your kids in the back!?

Not hard is it.

But SATs still go ahead. Nothing changes. The pressure on our teachers to teach to the test remains the same… despite secondary schools having little or no faith in the SAT results. The affect the age inappropriate curriculum and the testing culture has on the well-being, health and happiness of our young children is well documented. Creativity is lost, playtime is limited, homework increases, 5 year olds are being kept in at playtime to redo past papers, children are learning cursive script at the age of 4… things are not looking good!

We are parents, these are OUR children… we MUST make our voice heard that it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH to keep things as they are.

Let Kids Be Kids, representing the voice of over 27,000 parents via Facebook and over 50,000 signatories to our anti SATs petition, calls for an end to the current SATs system NOW.

Trust our schools, let children learn in the ways they learn best, return to teacher assessment while we bring our education system into the 21st Century and make it one that does indeed work for everyone – parents, children and teachers, not just those in power who want to measure their own success above the happiness of our children.

Those in a position of power to make change need to do so NOW. SATs testing since 2016 is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and as such should be scrapped until a full review can be completed. Do not stand by and watch the same mistakes happen again – if you think this system is damaging to children and damaging to the teaching profession then STAND UP and make your voice heard.

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