Our stance for action before May 2017

Let Kids Be Kids started last year as just 5 parents wanting to try and make a difference and is now delighted to be part of something much bigger!

Let Kids Be Kids is a member of the More Than a Score campaign – members include the NUT,  The Association of Educational Psychologists, The National Association for Primary Education, The Save Childhood Movement and The British Educational Research Association and we are all fighting for a common cause – an alternative to the current, damaging system of primary assessment.

We also support the work of other Parent Groups such as Rescue Our Schools and Keep Early Years Unique in order to further raise awareness of the problem and to work together to find solutions.

Since May 2017, many local parent groups have been set up and there are now so many things happening across the country at local levels that we can hardly keep up!

We have been contacted by so many parents willing to boycott SATs this year. Many parents have already made the decision to keep their children off school on SAT test days. They realise that this isn’t a perfect solution but feel it is the only action left available to them… waiting for political change will be too late for their child and they want to make a stand against what they know is wrong for so many children across the country.

We also know of many headteachers who are supporting boycotts of the SATs by parents, and indeed in some areas, schools are promising to boycott the tests themselves.

We have therefore been asked to share a letter that can be used by those who want to raise the issue with their school, which you are free to edit, copy, and amend as you see fit. We hope that it helps you raise your concerns with your Headteacher, whilst also encouraging the school to show you the respect of being honest about the current state of Primary Assessment. We hope that parents and Headteachers can use this letter to see a way to work together to make positive change happen.

Click Here to Download an Example SATs Discussion Letter

From discussion on our Facebook page amongst parents and teachers it is our understanding that a school has a legal duty to administer tests to children, in school, on test days. Parents do not, as of yet, have a legal duty to have their children in school every day. They may educate their children off site for what sympathetic headteachers feel is an EXCEPTIONAL circumstance.

Whilst many feel inspired to boycott the SATs this year, this is not going to be appropriate for everyone. We hope that people will also continue to create local groups and attend events; to discuss the issues surrounding the curriculum; to encourage debate with parents, teachers and head teachers and share what they have planned and what you achieve, so that nationally, in working together we can ALL achieve more.