Thoughts from a retired headteacher…

Teachers, headteachers, parents… use your power!

“I daily thank god that I am a retired teacher and headteacher. I simply could not ask my staff to persecute children with never ending ‘tests’ that do nothing to further any child’s education or ability to make sense of the world. I simply would have refused to cooperate with the idiots charged with designing our so-called education system.

Teaching used to be a joyous profession. Happy children, staff who didn’t dread walking daily through the school gates and heads who were left to manage their schools without the constant interference of people who couldn’t do the job themselves.

I used to be described as formidable by LEA officers, advisors alike. Yes I was. Formidable in my determination to do the very best I could for the young people in my charge.

Schools used to be about opportunities for social mobility- a chance for bright children to be picked up by insightful teachers and for the ones struggling to be identified and helped. Education has become a political football booted from one end of an uneven pitch to the other people many of whom are products of Eton Oxbridge and who haven’t got a clue about the real world.

How I long to meet whoever sits there and has a light bulb moment! It would not take me 5 minutes to make it clear why I was described as formidable, why I was much loved by students, staff and parents alike and why they should be out on their ear.

Fight for your children! You have more power than you know.”

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