Chalk up your opposition to tests!

Over the next couple of months parents, teachers, nursery leaders, child development experts and of course, children, are chalking up their opposition to high stakes testing in primary school!  It’s easy to get involved…

Grab some chalk and write the words #PlayNotTestsAt4 on a pavement near you – then post a pic on social media using #PlayNotTestsAt4 and linking to @morethanascore who are leading the campaign.

The more people who get involved in this creative protest the better – to show the government that we understand the importance of PLAY in schools and the nonsense of TESTING 4 YEAR OLDS!  We can’t believe that in 2019, when we know so much about child development and the growing young brain that we are having to defend children’s right to PLAY… yet this is the case as more and more academic style learning comes down the primary school curriculum and into Key Stage 1 and Reception.

It’s our firm belief that children under the age of 7 should be learning through PLAY most of the time – directed by adults yes to ensure safety and maximise learning but PLAY should be the focus of the child’s day at school to encourage an early love of school and a relaxed, individualised path towards more focused learning in the later stages of the curriculum.

Scandinavian countries use this approach, recognising that children are so widely different developmentally until they are 7 that it’s pointless and damaging to try and ‘standardise’ their learning before this age… this introduction of tests for 4 year old in English and maths, in their first few weeks at school, in demonstrative of this government’s complete lack of understanding of child development and cognitive learning  in childhood.

#PlayNotTestsAt4 is such a simple message but an absolutely vital one to protect PLAY for our children!

For more details and ways to get involved please visit More Than A Score!


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