Ofsted Survey – Help Please!

Sometimes it can feel like you are trying to turn an oil tanker when you are fighting for change – the cogs in the machines of power can take an awfully long time to turn!  There are many oil tankers in the education system… all stuck in their seas of thick mud!  We have been trying to push in as many ways as we can think of to get back on track towards a system where children are treated as children, teachers are free to teach a joyous curriculum and high stakes tests are no longer the foundation of our school accountability system.

Ofsted are one of the biggest and most powerful tankers in the education sea.  And yet perhaps there is change on it’s way?!  Currently Ofsted are starting to question how schools are inspected…

Perhaps data from tests shouldn’t be the only tool used to measure schools by? Could child well-being be of equal importance in the success of a school?  (Who’d have thought?!)  Maybe a school’s overall approach to a broad and balanced curriculum could be more important than just how well they can cram children through SAT tests? (Again… who knew?!)

Ofsted are currently conducting a survey to answer these questions and we want to formulate our own response from parents.  It’s fantastic that these questions are being asked but we know that this oil tanker can’t move all by itself – it needs a MASSIVE push of parent, teacher and professional power to help it on it’s way.


We can’t do this without you!! Thank you!

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