Core Values

Let Our Kids Be Kids stands for the following principals…
  • We are supportive of schools and teachers who have the best interests of children at the heart of what they do – we aim to encourage teachers to act against policies which harm our children’s happiness, health and well being. 
  • We are not against testing per se – testing is an important part of a teacher’s role but needs to be age appropriate and relevant. Testing should be used to inform further learning, rather than as a judgement of teachers and children used to determine failure.
  • We stand firmly against high stakes testing in primary schools which places undue pressure on schools which inevitably is passed down to our young children. 
  • We stand firmly against ‘teaching to test’ which forces a narrowed curriculum to be taught to primary aged pupils who should be enjoying a wide variety of subjects letting them be kids!
  • We stand against tests which are inappropriate developmentally for the age groups involved.  Whilst high standards are important we feel the increased ‘rigour’ in the current curriculum is a step too far and sets children up to fail.
  • We support peaceful protest against these tests believing that reasonable action is now required since decades of research and petitions have largely been ignored.
  • We want teachers, unions, mental health experts to be able to work together to create a curriculum that encourages our children to develop a love of learning and inquiring minds.