file8831296040573Nothing else seems to be working – no one is listening to the voice of parents, teachers, heads or unions saying the school system is a mess…  even now that it is clear there is a mental health issue linked to the school testing culture the government are still pressing ahead with high stakes testing for our young children.

We’re sick of whinging in the school yard about the state of things and think it’s time to make a stand.

On Tuesday 3rd May we took out first action showing that thousands of other parents feel the same – that their kids are over tested, over worked and in a school system that places more importance of test results and league tables than childrens’ happiness and joy of learning.

You and your child have the power to show the government that we’ve all had enough – we aim to support action to make change.  Join us to Let your Kids be Kids!

Some quotes from our facebook page…

My head has said if I protest on the 3rd their absence will be marked as educational

Thank you so much. From a teacher.

Speaking to my son this afternoon;  What did you do at school today?
Not much mummy, they just wanted me to work and work. I don’t like school it is no fun…   He’s going to be 6 at the end of May. It is not the teachers fault but imposed government testing.    I now have a young child being turned off school before hitting six years of age, I’m a teacher and will be taking my children out of school on 3rd May…

As a y2 teacher, I cried today at stress of pressure I am putting on them as result of pressure government are putting on us. It’s disgraceful!!

All this pressure on children and we question why we have such high rate of young people having to access the Mental health service .

They know. They know they are worth more. That their minds and bodies crave more. We fail them if we do not listen to them and support them in their yearning to learn. Not parrot dogma, but to explore, question, investigate, debate, communicate, listen, enquire, observe: all the stuff that used to be considered learning.  That’s why he and his sister are striking on May 3rd. That is why I am taking a day off work to support them.

We don’t need SATS and academies we need to give teachers the freedom to teach in a way that doesn’t cause stress and anxiety and allows them to flourish and achieve the best they are able. Children aren’t machines and it’s about time we stopped treating them like they are.

I teach and, along with my co-workers, I find the current system utterly depressing. The government couldn’t care less what teachers think, just look at how they are treating the doctors. We really need parents to get behind their children and teachers…  It doesn’t have to be like this and it shouldn’t be like this. Thank you to all those who are getting involved and fighting for children to have a childhood.

From a teacher to all of the parents out there….you have my full support!