Let Kids Be Kids Events on 3rd May

This map shows where events were happening across the UK on 3rd May… these are just the ones that we knew about up until 1st May 2016.  If you want a direct link to this map on Google please click here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=zPM-NCnnDchw.kWhXEMqgqWM0

We were going to also measure the numbers taking part by the map above but #KidsStrike3rdMay got too big for that! In the spirit of u turns and back downs and realising when something isn’t going to work (are you listening Nicky Morgan?!) we have changed our plan!

We estimate that over 8000 children were off school on 3rd May…  this is a conservative estimate!  It was amazing what we achieved in such a short space of time!

We asked people to register their participation in the Kids’s Strike and by 9am on Thursday 5th May 2016 6891 PRIMARY school children were recorded out of school on May 3rd as part of #KidsStrike3rdMay. These figures did not include numbers from people attending en masse at one of the events organised by supporters which we have been sent separately.

The Absence letters were downloaded over 63,000 times from our web site… press reports of 40,000 children being off on 3rd May might not be far off!

The letter of SUPPORT for parents to give to teachers and schools even though they couldn’t strike was downloaded nearly 5000 times

The letter of SUPPORT to give specifically to teachers was downloaded nearly 5000 times

Our Facebook page has almost 25,000 likes!

For the whole of 3rd May there were just over 12,500 tweets about the topic #KidsStrike3rdMay

https://letthekidsbekids.wordpress.com/ has been viewed nearly 500,000 times by over 300,000 people

This map shows the spread of support across the country – this is a NATIONAL issue which concerns parents all over England.

Thank you all for your AMAZING support!