Let Our Kids Be Kids Regional Groups

What began as a small group of frustrated parents, grew into something amazing – due to all of you!

As a nationwide group we massively raised the profile of the inappropriate testing of our children and brought our concerns out in the open where they could be discussed. Together, we showed that we are prepared to act when we need to and that we feel strongly that action is required.

Together we created a storm of media – which is still not going away! We are now seeing daily discussion of SATs and their effect on our children and we are seeing a whole range of people becoming involved to discuss the long term effects of excessive over-testing. You did this!

What began with our small group can continue to grow through you.

If you would like YOUR local group featured on this page please use the following contact form to let us know all about it.

How do you get involved?

  • Speak to the groups of parents you were ‘on strike’ with. What skills do you have between you that can help you run a local campaign?
  • Talk to local teachers – what can they tell you about the education of your children and their views on it? Are they willing to share these with others?
  • Share what you know – can you do this through local Facebook groups/social media? Leaflets to parents? Articles in the press/online?
  • What’s happening already in your local area? There are many conferences/meetings/gatherings already planned all over the country.
  • Can you organise a local event to raise awareness further? Either a fun, family day or a more formal question and answer session?
  • How can local MPs be involved? Can you invite them to a meeting to listen to your concerns? Can they raise your questions in Parliament?
  • What contacts did you make in the local media on 3rd May? Can they help you spread the word
  • Can you come up with an interesting way to share your concerns with Nicky Morgan? The more unusual your method, the more likely it will be to attract attention!
  • Can you create a local petition that could be presented to your MP to demonstrate the strength of feeling locally?

Our strength is in numbers and in our collective voice and there is a lot we can be doing to make it clear that many, many people want to talk to politicians about education and to make sure that our children never suffer a year like this again!