Reception – Baseline

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***ACTION***  If you think your child may be involved in a pilot test you can speak to your headteacher and ask for your child not to be involved.  Tests are not compulsory.  Your headteacher needs to know that you are concerned and object to the tests so do not be afraid to speak up.

***ACTION***  Want to find out more about Baseline – More Than A Score have a wealth of information and research!


If you’ve a child going into reception then you may have heard about the Baseline Assessment… a test for 4 / 5 years olds that will be taken just weeks after they start school!  Pilots could start in 2019.

The tests is widely recognised as being POINTLESS and DAMAGING – how can you accurately test a 4 year old, especially in a new environment!?  Some of our own children are ‘summer born’ babies – so almost a year younger than some of their reception class peers – how can a test accurately account for such differences in development?  Also – some of our children were VERY worried about starting ‘big school’ – we can’t imagine how they’d have felt being tested in the first few weeks at school – a time when teachers focus should be on nurturing and care, not some test to measure school performance !

The test will result in children being labelled with a score and as they progress throughout school that will be used to measure the success of the school until they eventually take the Year 6 SATs.  The Baseline tests therefore feeds a system widely recognised as not working – we are desperately hoping that headteachers see sense and do not allow pilots of the tests in their schools in September 2019.

Baseline has been tried twice before – both times the tests were thrown out because of inaccuracy of data.  Only ONE test centre was willing to bid for the contract to create the tests – all other companies declined because the data is bound to be inaccurate and not fit for purpose.  Instead of listening to professionals and thinking of a new way to measure school performance, the DfE are just trying for a third time with the same old system – and spending more than £10 million in the process!

Here a FANTASTIC film showing the argument against Baseline Assessment…