Kids’ Strike 3rd May


On 3rd May parents all over the UK took their children out of school for a day of fun learning.  They did this in SUPPORT of their teachers and their schools as a direct message to Nicky Morgan that they want to see a change to government policies regarding high stakes testing in our young primary children.

Be like emmeline...

There was massive support for our campaign with over 8000 people joining in and registering their participation in the Kids’ Strike.  8000 is a conservative estimate – we know many people did not register with us – some press reported 40,000 off school on 3rd May!   Whatever the number was we know that we made an impact – the press coverage for the event was phenomenal – the subject of SATs was discussed by just about every media outlet and the profile of the problem was raised far and wide.



On 3rd May children engaged in ‘fun learning’ – events were recorded on our Kids’ Strike Tagboard. 

Here’s how we communicated our message to schools…

  1. 3rd May Absence Letter for your school (Year 2 pupil)
  2. 3rd May Absence Letter for your school (All Years)
  3. Letter for your child’s teacher
  4. Letter for parents at school  (to add)
  5. Letter of SUPPORT for your school for working parents.

We also wrote our very own Open letter to Nicky Morgan, she responded by saying that to take children off school for even on day was harmful and damanging… so we sent this response.