Press Coverage

2018 Awful article here showing the impact high stakes testing can have on child mental health:

BBC – Sats: Parents plan ‘stay at home’ school protest over tests:

Guardian – Labour criticises SATs changes as parents plans Kids’ Strike

Independent – Kids’s Stike 3rd May

Sky News – Thousands support first Kids’ Strike

Metro – School children to strike

Huffington Post –

The Express –

ITV News –

Daily Mail –

The Mirror –

Lincoln –

Lancaster –

Brighton –

Newcastle –

Birmingham –

Manchester –

And…. in the spirit of impartiality here are some of the less favourable reports…

Spectator – Apparently there’s no evidence of stress… incorrect!

Daily Mail  – Apparently we’re not actually parents at all… but highly politicised union members… incorrect!

Telegraph – Apparently we have low expectations for our children… incorrect!—low-expectations-are/