Yr 6 SATs – Parent Objection

Many parents have already made the decision to keep their children off school on SAT test days or have told their school that they do not want their child not to take the tests.  They realise that this isn’t a perfect solution but feel it is the only action left available to them… waiting for political change will be too late for their child and they want to make a stand against what they know is wrong for so many children across the country.

Here is some fantastic research into the power we have as parents which will be of use if you are considering withdrawing your child:


We’ve seen many example letters which parents have used to explain their concerns to their headteacher stating that they have…

“serious concerns over the effects standardised testing and ability labelling has already had on children’s progress, self-belief and well-being. 

making it clear that the

 “one-size-fits-all” standardised tests are used to judge schools, not support children’s learning” and that  “the pressure of high-stakes testing, particularly in Year 6, has a good chance of negatively affecting their mental health.”

Schools are sympathetic to this moral objection – many headteachers share the concerns we have as parents and see our objection as being key to changing the system:



From discussion on our Facebook page amongst parents and teachers it is our understanding that a school has a legal duty to administer tests to children, in school, on test days. Parents do not, as of yet, have a legal duty to have their children in school every day.  They may educate their children off site for what sympathetic headteachers feel is an EXCEPTIONAL circumstance.